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So, The Europas are back.We’ll be honouring the best in tech across the web and mobile scene from across Europe. The awards will be in London on November 19 – grab a ticket right now. The Europas is all about geting together and celebrating the tech scene in Europe with an awards event which we can really call our own (check out the pictures and video from last year).

The categories we’ll be judging are:

Best Business or Enterprise Startup 2010
Best Advertising, Marketing or Media Startup 2010
Best Cleantech/Environmental Tech Startup 2010
Best Hardware or Gadget Startup 2010
Best Startup Founder / Co-Founders 2010
Best VC or Seed Fund of the Year 2010
Best Angel Investor of the Year 2010
Best Startup Advisor/Mentor of the Year 2010
Best Service Provider to Startups 2010
Best Ongoing Startup Programme 2010
Best New Startup in 2010
Best Platform Startup 2010
Best Exit 2010
Best European Startup Tool For Startups 2010
Best European Web Application Or Service 2010
Best Mobile Startup 2010
Best Entertainment, Sport or Leisure Startup 2010
Best Learning Startup 2010
Best Music Startup 2010
Best Video Startup 2010
Best Social Innovation Startup 2010
Best Commerce Startup 2010
Overall Winner: Judges Choice Only

Please email our events and sponsorship director Aléna Dundas on alena [AT] regarding sponsorship opportunities.

Please do not email us on how to enter the awards, just read the below.

More information
These awards will recognise and celebrate the most compelling technology startups, Internet and mobile innovations of the past year, with the tech community invited to have a say in which finalists should be recognised. Leading lights of the the tech startup and investor scene will be invited to give away the awards to the winners, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet your tech heroes and heroines. The initial filtering will be done by referencing our database on European companies on CrunchBase (so make sure you are in it), then by public vote online, with the final Award winners to be determined based both on the popular votes received through website voting and by The Europas Advisory Board. You’ll be able to vote shortly.

The Awards Ceremony will take place in London (venue to be announced). We’re planning a big party with DJ, bar and food. Award categories will be announced shortly.

How it will work

1) You will be able to enter by having you startup listed in Crunchbase with your exact European address.

2) You will be able to vote for one of the companies and products nominated which you believe most deserves industry recognition for achievements made in the past year. You can grab our awards logo and link back to encourage your community to nominate you for a Europa Award.

2) The Europas Advisory Board (to be announced) will advise on which entrants should be selected to win from the highest scoring entrants.

3) Join the ceremony on the night and celebrate startups with us!

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors will be able to be creative with their sponsorship. Opportunities include sponsorship of the awards ceremony overall, sponsorship of individual award categories, after-party, drinks, prizes and more… Please contact our new Events and Sponsorship Director, Aléna Dundas on alena[AT] (@alenadundas on Twitter).


If you are a member of the press wanting to cover the event, please contact Aléna Dundas on alena[AT]

Dress code

This is not a formal “black tie” event. It’s an event to celebrate! But we’ll be encouraging you to “dress to impress” and show off your startup somehow in a cool, fun way.

The Rules

All internet and mobile tech companies from the continent of Europe, the Middle East and Africa are eligible for nomination. Nominees will be picked by TechCrunch Europe from our database of companies on CrunchBase, so make sure you have submitted your companies there. Certain awards have specified criteria but, otherwise, all companies and products are eligible for consideration based on their accomplishments made in the last year. Companies may be nominated for multiple award categories, and companies may win multiple awards. There are no fees to nominate companies for consideration, no fees to be a nominated company, and no fees to vote. Startups are defined as startup companies with between zero and three rounds of funding, under 3 and a half years old.

Everyone will be invited to vote on our resulting shortlist of the top companies in each category.

The Europas Advisory Board will advise on the selection of the top companies voted for per award category, winner and, only where appropriate, also advise on the selection of a ‘Highly Commended’ award finalists they wish to recognise.

Finalist companies will be most welcome to join us for the Award Ceremony. Acceptance speeches will be in 140 characters or less.

The Europas Advisory Board reserves the right to discard any and all votes that it reasonably determines to be fraudulent or submitted by bots or other computer-generated voting applications.

The award winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony to be held November 19, in London.


The first tranche of tickets are now on sale. To attend the event, tickets will be £60. Attendee identification will be checked at the door. Due to strong demand for tickets, we regret tickets are not refundable. Tickets are not transferable. In some cases we may be able to transfer names on tickets (if we’re asked nicely), but this is at our complete discretion and the more people do this the more complicated an time consuming it can get (we are only a small team!). If you use your name to purchase multiple tickets, your guests must arrive with you to check in at the door. If you show up at the event without a valid ticket, TechCrunch Europe reserves the right to charge the full ticket prive £60 plus £15 administration fee to allow access to the event subject to availability.

  • myke

    Hi Mike, Doodle was funded in March 2007. You write, a startup needs to be no older than 3.5 yrs. Do we still count as a start-up then?

    • myke

      …”founded in March 2007″, not “funded”, sorry.

      • Mike Butcher

        Probably not as your’e older than that

  • Sundar Venkitachalam

    Hi Mike,

    Is there any restriction on the size of company to be considered for these awards? I started my company in April and released our beta version last week .However I am the only resource in this company at the moment. Our recruitments haven’t been started yet. Please let me know your thoughts on this.


  • Suze

    When is the voting going to open for this years Europa 2010 awards?

  • Paul Maher

    Hi Mike,

    Can I submit CloudApps, launched in April 2010, bootstrapped and taking the world on in the Carbon Management space?



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