Ubisoft Taps Playspan To Power Virtual Goods Platform

PlaySpan has just inked a deal to power a virtual goods monetization platform for video game giant Ubisoft, adding to a number of high-profile deals with game developers and media companies.

PlaySpan powers virtual goods marketplaces across 1,000 video games and virtual world publishers PlaySpan-powered marketplaces lets users sell, exchange and purchase online game items, virtual goods, and game currencies for online games and applications. The platforms also allow publishers to managing global micropayments, ecommerce, and micro-transactions across 180 countries. Current customers include Sanrio, Adobe, Viacom/Nickelodeon, Disney and Warner Brothers.

The startup’s microtransactions and ecommerce platform will be used for a number of Ubisoft’s game titles, including MMO, and Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms. In addition to providing a white-label marketplace for virtual goods, Playspan also offers companie in-depth management and reporting tools. And the platform allows gives buyers 85 different payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, mobile, and more.

Playspan, which just raised $18 million in new funding, faces competition from Live Gamer.