The Dube Has Just Made Your Old Percussion Instruments Obsolete

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome The Dube into your lives. “What’s The Dube?” Glad you asked. It’ the brainchild of former English international Dion Dublin, best known for his goal-scoring ways at Coventry City and Aston Villa. It’s a percussion instrument&fully customizable, yeah?—that’s set to revolutionize~! the way you envision percussion instruments.

The Dube is one letter away from its shape—a cube. Clever of me, yes.

The point is, inside this self-contained cube is a proper instrument that, according to the blurbs on the site, is 100 percent perfect for all sorts of venues, from classroom music classes to late-night DJ sets.

The Dube comes in different sizes, and it starts at just under £160 (around $250) for the 9-inch model. (It tops out at 18 inches.)

I sincerely hope The Dube takes off. It’s pretty lame to see something as tepid as Google TV steal headlines today when you’ve got legitimate inventions out there not feeling any love.