LG, Not Satisfied With Froyo's Stability, Delays Tablet Until Android Improves

It’s funny. Every time a new version of Android rolls out, I get all excited and giddy, dreaming of double rainbows and a stable platform. Then I install it and slowly discover my dreams were not realized and the latest tasty Android treat isn’t what I hoped for. It happened Donut, Eclair, and Froyo.

Apparently LG agrees with my feeling about 2.2 because, well, the South Korean company delayed its tablet simply because the release wasn’t stable enough. They’re going to wait until something better comes along. Seriously.

LG official to Reuters,

We plan to introduce a tablet that runs on the most reliable Android version … We are in talks with Google to decide on the most suitable version for our tablet and that is not Froyo 2.2.

The Android tablet has seen some major setbacks as of late. Google themselves said that 2.2 isn’t meant for tablets. HP officially scrapped its Android tablet plans. Android tablet’s future doesn’t look peachy when the aforementioned reports are combined with the fact that the vast majority of Android tablets are simply underdeveloped iPad clones, developed just to make a quick buck.

The Internet seems to think that the next Android release will be the good one and even developed with tablets in mind. But just as in the past, the next version of Android always seems to promise the world and then just deliver incremental updates.