Google TV's Minisite Launches, Finally Sheds Some Light On The Platform [Update: Video Demo Added!]

Up until now, Google TV has somewhat been a mystery. Capabilities were announced and some screenshots made their way onto the web. But there really hasn’t been a solid demo or informative site about the upcoming platform. Thankfully Google just launched the Google TV minisite that actually reveals a bunch of details including that Twitter, Pandora, Netflix, and a bunch of other apps are on their way to your TV.

There’s a lot on the site and we’re still combing through it. This is what we’ve found so far:

  • Apps are going to be a key feature and will include Pandora, Chrome, Twitter, Amazon, Android Gallery, and “starting early next year,” apps from the Android Market.
  • Major TV networks such as HBO, TNT, TBS, CNN will have some sort of swanky video portal. This could possible be the device’s killer function.
  • Fling, play audio or video on your phone on Google TV “with the press of the button.”
  • YouTube is properly formated for a larger screen. Possibly a version of Leanback.
  • You’ll be able to browse the web — or use apps — while watching TV. Think picture-in-picture.
  • Google TV doesn’t launch to live content, but rather a customizable homepage with shortcuts.
  • Google Queue: A DVR for the web. Build a list of websites, video podcasts, YouTube videos and watch them later — okay….
  • “Over-the-air updates” Really? As opposed to updates via the constant Internet connection?

Predictions anyone? Google TV is clearly a refined platform but will the everyday consumer care? After spending sometime on this site, I actually think that with the right hardware partners and marketing campaign they will.