BlueGlass Interactive Snatches Up 3 Dog Media

Online marketing agency BlueGlass Interactive today announces its acquisition of search marketing company 3 Dog Media, helmed by industry leader Greg Boser. We most recently wrote about BlueGlass launching their DIYSEO-eque SecondStep which set itself apart from other enterprise SEO platforms by providing businesses with CopyPress, an ad hoc team of  Demand Media-like content producers in order to increase website traffic.

BlueGlass Interactive formed this past July as the coming together of  four companies, 10e20, Search and Social, Brent Csutoras and Second Step Search. Partner Brent Csutoras tells TechCrunch, “Although it comes off as us being a bunch of consultants, what we’re really trying to do is create a one stop shop to succeeding online, through link building, content creation, SEO, blogger outreach and viral marketing.”

The acquisition of  3 Dog Media means that the company (which runs its own BlueGlass conference) is now comprised of just about everyone notable in the search marketing industry including Csutoras, 3 Dog Media CEO Boser, Dave Snyder, Chris Winfield, Loren Baker and Jordan Kasteler — “We have 5 of the 15 top social media people,” says Csutoras.

With this latest merger Boser will become BlueGlass SVP of Search Services and 3 Dog Media developer Dax Herrera will become Director of Product Development continuing to focus on SEO and social media marketing with regards to WordPress.

Csutoras explains the motivation behind the acquisition, “If Boser was the worst SEO in the field we would have acquired 3 Dog Media anyways, because the stuff they’re doing with their WordPress technology is far beyond anyone in the field. They’ve got a really strong framework for multi-site installs and customized plugins, which allow people to get really customized with their WP blogs.”

Blueglass, which currently manages over $12 million a year in organic search revenue, refused to disclose the price of the acquisition, which included all employees and assets. I’m guessing it was in the $5-$10 million ballpark.