DNS Service Provider OpenDNS Gets A $4.5 Million Injection

According to an SEC filing, DNS service provider OpenDNS has raised more capital, $4.5 million to be specific. We’ve confirmed the additional financing with the company and learned that this was an inside round handled by Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners (they took a stake in the company in July 2009).

Chief executive David Ulevitch (see this SFGate profile for more about the man) tells me there wasn’t really a need for more venture capital – the business has been running profitably for a while now – but that OpenDNS had the chance to be “opportunistic”.

OpenDNS essentially delivers a free, fast, ad-supported DNS resolution service with features like typo correction, phishing protection, and optional content filtering alongside more robust paid offerings for enterprises. Ulevitch tells me the company continues to grow like a weed and that they can definitely use the extra funding to ramp up hiring and product development.

Back in March, OpenDNS announced that over one percent of the world’s Internet users were using its services. Ulevitch says it’s even more now, though he declined to put a specific percentage on it. Either way, OpenDNS is clearly getting big, fast.

The company boasts 32 employees today, and Ulevitch is hoping to grow to 40 by year’s end.