Microsoft Upgrades Bing iPhone App With New Travel, Maps Features

Microsoft has released an updated Bing for Mobile iPhone and iPod Touch app.

The updated app brings with it new features for the mobile versions of Bing Travel and Maps.

For the former service, you can now go to the ‘Travel’ tab from your iPhone or iPod touch’s browser and find deals from your home airport and special promotions. Using the interactive Deals calendar, you can see when good prices are available.

Also new is flight search, which lets you look up fares and flight times and utilize the Price Predictor Bing provides to desktop users to know when users would be best of to buy their airfares. The app also comes with a Bing Travel flight status feature to enable users to check if their flight is on time when on the go.

In addition, Microsoft says it has completely redesigned the mapping experience from the ground up for the upgraded mobile app. That means a bigger font size corresponding to larger roads, added neighborhood labels so one can easily identify and convey locations in cities and easy switching between map and list view.

The backdrop was also enhanced, which means information on the map such as traffic details, business listings, pushpins, labels, etc. could “pop”.

Also new in Maps for Bing for Mobile iPhone and iPod touch: ‘What’s Nearby’ with enhanced map and labels so you can “fly” through a neighborhood and quickly find a local listing.

Last time Bing for Mobile had gotten an update was last June, when the app got social search and visual scanning features.