Fabric Video Wants To Change The Way You Search For Videos

Similar to Cooliris, Japanese startup Gunzoo aims to change the way people search for and view multiple videos through their Fabric Video product, which launches today at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Founded by Toshikazu Shinohara, Gunzoo and Fabric Video want to disrupt the video search space by combining multiple bitstreams into one bitsream, allowing users to browse efficiently and seamlessly through thousands of options instead of having to try to find what they’re looking for through specific keyword search like on YouTube video search, for example.

Fabric Video customers can view over 1,200 platform agnostic H.264/AVC video videos in a visually appealing way, letting users interact with video by zooming in and out freely and through the video wall context navigation. This Fabric Video mode of presentation is particularly useful for users who would like to find a specific scene in a video, for example or for media companies like CNN who would like to present a wall of videos around a specific news topic.

Compatible with web browsers and mobile phones, the cloud based Fabric Video also allows users to share a list of their favorite videos, increasing a user’s reach as well as time spent browsing. The company is also planning a concierge video suggestion service for sometime in the near future.

The product itself is visually impressive (see photo below), and the company, which has received $1.5 million in funding, plans on making money not only through software licensing but also by making a play to capture the online video advertising market which is currently valued at $4.3 billion in the United States and $5.5 billion in Japan through “less annoying” video ads.

Feedback and Q & A by expert judges Jeff Clavier, Gina Bianchini, Jim Lanzone, Ted Maidenberg, and Chris Sacca. I’ve abbreviated their names, for brevity obviously.

CS: I’m not sure I grasped everything that’s going on. I’m pretty sure that’s how my kids are going to consume media but not me.

TM: I’d thought there would be a little more social element. I’d be interested to hear if there are more social aspects to the video.

FV: You can see the whole video simultaneously. You can see more videos than you can see one by one.

GB: I really liked the dashboard. I’ve struggled a little bit with the different usecases.