Windows Phone 7 remains on Sony Ericsson's roadmap, Symbian is gone

Sony Ericsson clearly like Android, but — despite being absent from WinPho 7’s list of launch partners — Sony Ericsson’s new Chief Technology Officer, Jan Uddenfeldt, today confirmed that Windows Phone 7 is, indeed, on their product roadmap.

Symbian, however, is not.

In an interview with Swedish newspaper NY Teknik, Mr Uddenfeldt had this to say:

“Android is definitely our focus, but we haven’t given up on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, despite its slow uptake. But Windows Phone 7 remains on our roadmap. However, currently we have no plans for new Symbian products.”

This isn’t to say that SE will never release another Symbian product (they currently offer the Symbian^1 powered Satio, and the Symbian^2 powered Vivaz and Vivaz Pro), but unless things change, don’t hold your breath.

So, with the possibility of a WinPho7 phone from SE now on the cards, what features would you be interested in? Would you want an updated XPERIA X1? Or yet another slate phone? Let us know in the comments.

[news and image via WMPowerUser]