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The 2010 Bully Award winners are… Germany and the UK top the list

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The winners of the 2010 Bully Award – all thirty of them – were announced last night at the White Bull Summit 2010 in Barcelona, honouring the leading European technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies. Germany and the UK topped the list of winners each with five companies represented, followed closely by The Netherlands with four.

All thirty winners were selected from a pool of entries that included hundreds of nominated European TMT companies, which was eventually narrowed down to 60 finalists. The 30 winners fall into three categories: “Yearlings”, firms that seek or have received angel/seed rounds or equivalent (classic start-ups); “Young Bulls”, firms that seek or have received Series A financing (early stage companies); and ‘Longhorns”, post Series A firms (growth stage companies).

The Bully Award winners are:

Farley Duvall, Founder and Chairman of White Bull Summits, commented: “Each of the Bully Award winners have been recognized as a leader in their field, with a bright business proposition and meaningful market strategies, driven by a rich understanding of customer needs and technological solutions.”

  • http://www.zmags.com/blog Joakim Ditlev

    Glad to see Zmags on the list. As the only Danish company, btw.

  • http://www.iovox.com Ryan Gallagher

    It was a great event and a pleasure to be there. Well done to Farley and the White Bull Team.


  • http://www.tripinquiry.com Shane Hayes

    This set me thinking about a previous post on the hot start up scenes in Europe. Dublin, London and Berlin were highlighted. I see the UK has 5 nominations and Germany also has 5. Ireland has none.

    I am wondering how many of the UK and German nominations came out of London and Berlin respectively.

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  • http://www.getapp.com/ GetApp

    Very high quality event. We have made excellent contacts with potential investors. It is to be noted that the jury for the Award was completely independent from the companies participation at the event. Not always the case, so it is worth mentioning it.
    Of course we are glad that Nubera representing GetApp.com and our new baby http://www.appdoubler.com/ won one of the award ;-)

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