Google Analytics For APIs Apigee Launches Premium Products

We’ve written about Apigee, which offers Web developers and publishers a dashboard for managing both the APIs they provide to others and the ones they consume for themselves. It’s essentially a Google Analytics for APIs. For developers who rely on data from other sites and companies, it monitors how much data they are using (message requests), the error rate, response times, and downstream users. Currently, 2,500 GB of data per month and 25k messages processed per second on Apigee’s technology. The service, which is free, is adding premium paid features today.

Premium features include unlimited API traffic plans (Apigee is free up to 50,000 requests per hour, per API); advanced and customized analytics on API and app usage; developer key provisioning and management to support complex analytics, policies, management and access tiers; caching for better and faster performance; and support for OAuth 1.0 and 2.0.

Free tools include the ability to learn, test and debug APIs, get analytics on API performance and usage, and apply basic rate-limits to protect their services.

Pricing is $50/month through $1,000/month based on features and traffic. Currently, the platform has 7,000 free users and a a number of high-profile enterprise customers including Netflix, Comcast, and MTV Networks.