Clickworker signs up for its Mechanical Turk competitor (Humangrid), the European paid crowdsourcing platform and a competitor to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, has picked up a new client: U.S. high-school sports media network

Similar to Amazon’s offering, clickworker breaks down potentially complex tasks, or at least those that can’t be easily automated by a computer, into micro-jobs, which it then distributes to any number of its 60,000 registered “clickworkers”.

In the case of, those workers will be asked to tag films and images of various sporting events for popular high school sports, identifying the home team and the match situation, particular moves etc. You get the idea. The outcome of which will be used by players and trainers alike.

“With, we have gained another client whose requirements can be perfectly met by our online platform”, says Wolfgang Kitza, CEO “We offer companies like the opportunity to process their videos or even text and images efficiently and quickly in a targeted way.”

But think of the workers.