Dailyplaces lets you check-in drunk with iPhone app for Oktoberfest

Dailyplaces, the Frankfurt-based social location startup, has launched an iPhone app dedicated to the Oktoberfest which kicked off on Saturday and runs for 17 days.

Developed in partnership with muenchen.de – the official portal of the Bavarian capital – the Wiesn App is being described as a “temporarily community” and enables beer festival goers (OK, the Oktoberfest is about more than just beer) to update their status, post photos, and find (and check-in) to various locations such as all the big and small tents, rides and ATMs. Friends can also follow each other to get their updates pushed to the MyNews tab of the application.

In other words, the Wiesn App combines Twitter-like functionality with the check-in aspect of Foursquare. And as is the rule these days, status update can, optionally, be pushed out to Twitter and/or Facebook so that attendees can annoy friends in their social network who aren’t actually at the Oktoberfest.