Sony: PlayStation Move to hit U.S. store shelves September 19

As anticipated, Sony’s motion control system, PlayStation Move, will be available exclusively for the PS3 at retail stores across North America on Sunday, September 19, later than expected but still way before Microsoft’ Kinect hits the market (coincidentally, I just played with Kinect for the first time this morning, courtesy of Microsoft, and absolutely loved it).

Anyway, PlayStation Move relies on the PlayStation Eye cam, along with internal motion sensors in the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PS3 system itself, to detect the movement, angle, and position in 3D space of the user, thereby allowing users to play “as if they are within the game”.

Update: for the record, if you’ve pre-ordered the system you’ll be able to pick it up starting today (Sept 17) – the September 19 date is for when PlayStation Move will be pushed to new customers in stores across North America.

Close to 30 titles offering PlayStation Move functionality have been announced to date, including Killzone 3, Kung Fu Rider, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

For those who already own a PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Move Bundle sells for $99.99. It includes a PlayStation Eye, one PlayStation Move motion controller, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc, and a PlayStation Move game demo disc.

For consumers who don’t yet own a PS3 system, the PS3 Sports Champions Move Bundle for $399.99 includes all of the above, as well as a 320GB HDD model PS3 system. For those who already own a PS3 and PlayStation Eye camera, motion controllers will retail separately for $49.99 and the optional navigation controller will retail for $29.99.

Let us know what you think of the prices, and if you’ll be buying – and why (not) of course.

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