Verizon won't sell any Windows Phone 7 handsets at launch, or any time this year

Yowzers — this is a pretty big punch in Windows Phone 7’s gut, straight from the US’s biggest wireless carrier: Verizon will not be carrying any Windows Phone 7 phones when it launches sometime in the next month or so; in fact, they don’t have any plans to carry Windows Phone 7 handsets at all in 2010.

The word comes from a Bloomberg interview with Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney. While she says that Verizons “relationship with Microsoft is solid”, they have no imminent plans to release any Windows Phone 7 handsets. A WP7 might hit Verizon come 2011, though just how far into 2011 that’ll be is anyone’s guess.

Still feeling burned by the Kin, Verizon?