Seedcamp adds a VC to team as it doubles investments

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European startup programme Seedcamp is bringing in extra fire power to deal with the increasing numbers of startups it plans to fund. In the last four years it’s typically funded between five and six startups at the end of its year long process but that will leap, when tomorrow’s finalists are picked, to around ten of the 23 that are in competition during this Seedcamp Week in London.

As a result it’s clear that CEO Reshma Sohoni is going to need some help. To that end they’ve lured venture capitalist Carlos Espinal from Doughty Hanson.

He becomes a Seedcamp Partner to Sohoni, jointly sharing the burden of sifting the startups and running the organisation. Sohoni told me that they purposely targetted someone who had both investment knowledge and was also strong in deep tech to complement her more business oriented background.

Philipp Moehring is also joining full time as an associate, with three years background in VC, and will be managing the daily operations and portfolio at Seedcamp.

I recently described Seedcamp as something of a juggernaut recently and the numbers bare this out. In 2010 alone Sohoni and her team have met and mentored nearly 200 teams at 9 Mini Seedcamps and now they are extending to events in Singapore and Mumbai. Since 2007 they’ve processed 2,500 team applications, mentored more than 540 teams and made a total of 22 investments.

Espinal is a former engineer for the Advanced Communications Technologies group of The New York Stock Exchange where he focused on the next generation of wireless and mobile trading platforms for the exchange. Prior to SIAC, he was a network security consultant for the professional services division of Baltimore Technologies. At Doughty he took care of investments in mobile technologies and services, Internet services & gaming, IT systems & security, and renewable technologies, such as like Flirtomatic and Mobango. He holds an MBA from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Max Niederhofer

    This is great news! Carlos is a huge win for Seedcamp. Congrats!

  • Fred Destin

    Welcome on board to Carlos.

    Describing him as a VC is a bit unfair; he comes from being a white hat hacker (aka penetration tester, sweet) and product background and spent the last couple of years with Stefan and Ivan @ Doughty. What’s most important is that he is extremely keen on getting into the trenches of entrepreneurship and passionate about Seedcamp. He’s a thoughtful guy, very execution oriented, very hands-on.

    • Stefan Tirtey

      Congrats to Seedcamp! One thing is clear – Carlos knows his sh/t. He’s great with entrepreneurs and knows the mobile and gaming space like no one else I’ve met. Onwards and upwards my friend!

  • Manoj Ranaweera

    Carols, good to hear you have joined Seedcamp to give Reshma a hand.

    Looking forward to welcoming you to Manchester and the north soon.

    Just got home from a cracking venture capital event run by BVCA in Manchester called Digital Age. Good see London based organisations taking notice of Manchester and the north.

    Here is a report capturing nearly 100 twitterati

    Good to see so many entrepreneurs and investors taking the trouble to visit Manchester from London and the US

    • Manoj Ranaweera

      Carlos, Apologies for the misspelling. Brain and the fingers are out of sync, it seems

  • chloe collart-musselman

    Congratulations cousin!

    What a big step!

  • Rachel Armitage

    Congratulations to both Seedcamp and Carlos; this can only make the organisation stronger. Great news!

  • paul

    fyi see

    seems to be lots of stills missing

  • Fabio De Bernardi

    I wanted to congratulate Carlos for this and praise him but apparently the latter has been performed already by more prominent people than me :)
    However, great person so will surely do extremely well in this new position.


  • Adam Lipson

    Carlos will make a great addition to the team. He is articulate, focused and hard-working.

  • Rachel Oppen

    Congratulations both to Seedcamp and to Carlos! Carlos’ in-depth technical knowledge will certainly make him an assest to the team. I look forward to hearing fantastic things from your end in the future.

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