The Boxee Box Is Now Available For Pre-Orders

You might want to hold off on that Apple TV purchase. The Boxee Box is on its way and should drop this coming November. Want one of the first ones? Well, jump over to Amazon where it just went up for pre-order. The box will ship with a QWERTY remote, 802.11N connectivity and the upcoming Boxee 1.0 release, which Boxee’s VP of Marketing told NewTeeVee will bring a “new look and feel” to the software. Just as Avner Ronen promised, the press release indicates that the “average street price” will be $199 in North America although that wording could mean MSRP might be a bit higher.

Interestingly enough, the VP also indicated that the delay from the original June launch was caused by Boxee switching from the previously-announced NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset to the Intel Atom CE4100 platform. Apparently the Tegra 2 fell short in supported video formats. The upcoming 1.0 software will take full advantage of the beefy format support along with HTML5 in a Webkit-based browers.

But will consumers justify an extra $100 over the cost of the $99 Apple TV for the Boxee Box’s bigger feature set? That answer mainly lies in the hands of Boxee’s retail partners. Apple of course has prime spots in Walmart, Best Buy, Target and other major retailers. The average consumer no doubt needs to play with the Boxee Box to appreciate it’s rich features. Thankfully, it’s made by D-Link who will likely leverage its retail presence and give the Boxee Box a fighting chance.

The Boxee Box by D-Link, Now With Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor Inside
D-Link Selects the Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor CE4100 to Power the Boxee Box

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Sep 13, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Today at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), D-Link and Boxee announced that the upcoming Boxee Box by D-Link now will be powered by the Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor CE4100. Additionally, starting today, Canadian customers will be able to pre-order the Boxee Box by D-Link through Best Buy at and Future Shop at Units will begin shipping in November 2010 in the US, Canada, EU and Australia.

The award winning Boxee Box by D-Link, first released in December 2009, received critical acclaim from the industry and is highly anticipated by consumers. The product is the first media device capable of playing all major media formats and codecs within a home network along with free and premium TV shows and movies, videos, music, and photos from the Internet, with support for full 1080p high-definition (HD) and 5.1 surround sound.

With its powerful Intel-based hardware, an open source software platform, and tens-of-thousands of movies, shows and apps already available, the Boxee Box gives users unparalleled access to on-demand entertainment and newfound control over their TV.

The Boxee Box uses the Intel Atom CE4100, Intel’s system-on-a-chip designed for TV and Internet integration. It provides performance, audio visual and graphic capabilities to enable Internet-driven applications, video, personal media, advanced user interfaces and electronic program guides.

“This represents long overdue innovation to the entertainment experience that D-Link will help consumers quickly deploy through their home network. These exciting new capabilities align closely with Intel’s commitment to improving how people access and enjoy digital content on their TV,” said Lou Reda, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Division, D-Link. “We are leading a revolution that will offer tremendous new possibilities in the home.”

With its powerful Intel-based hardware, an open source software platform, and tens-of-thousands of movies, shows and apps already available, the Boxee Box gives users unparalleled access to on-demand entertainment and new found control over their TV:

TV on Your Schedule. Nearly 40,000 TV episodes available from your favorite networks, ready to watch any time you want. Huge Movie Library. Enjoy tens-of-thousands of free movies and new releases in stunning HD from premium movie services. Plays All Your Digital Stuff. Access videos, music, or pictures from your computer or home network. Tailored to Your Couch. Internet TV should be more than just Internet on your TV. The Boxee Box and two-faced QWERTY remote are designed to transform the Internet into something you’ll love watching on your HDTV from the couch. See What Your Friends Are Watching. Follow what your Facebook and Twitter friends are watching, and share your favorites too. Give Your Wallet a Break. Why pay for stuff you don’t watch? The Boxee Box lets you watch a vast range of popular TV shows and movies – you choose what you pay for! Try Boxee Now. Since its launch two years ago, Boxee has added well over one million users. The service is available for free and you can use it now! When you want to shift the viewing experience from your PC to your HDTV, the Boxee Box by D-Link automatically imports your account, bringing your favorite TV shows, apps, and friends with you.

Pricing and Availability The Boxee Box is expected to be available in November 2010 at an average street price of $199 in North America. Prices may vary in other regions.