Inexplicably, Majesco Launches a Third "My Baby" DS Game

First, I’m fascinated to know that there exists, in the world, a game called My Baby. Apparently the baby in question is some sort of electric homunculus, requiring food, care, and water to survive and you must feed it and care for it like you would Nintendogs or My First Intestinal Parasite, two other exciting DS games in the same vein.

Oddly enough, someone is actually fighting Majesco over the game. A company called SouthPeak claims they have the lock on baby games and, as such, deserve a piece of the action.

Seriously: who thought of this? What’s going on here? Why babies? Why not a Mario Brothers that’s not needlessly frustrating? Who plays this? ANSWERS!

This game better include an attachment for girls to simulate the joys of weaning as well as an alarm clock that ways the kids up at 3am, 3:20am, and 5:00am on the dot for eight years straight or Majesco is doing these players a disservice.