MouseTrace integrates with Google Analytics, Clicky and others

MouseTrace, the service that provides website owners with a visual replay of how visitors interact with their wares, has announced integration with a number of analytics providers.

Support via a Google Chrome plug-in (Firefox and Safari to follow soon) has been added for Chartbeat, Google Analytics, Clicky and Statcounter. Once the plug-in is installed, MouseTrace users can access visitor replays – including mouse movement, clicks and page scrolling, or for pages viewed on an iPhone, touch, pinch to zoom, and rotation – all from within the control panel of those third-party services.

So, for example, if accessing Google Analytics, users are provided with an extra live panel of information on all report pages which list the latest MouseTrace visits. From here, users can view replays and “query for specific types of visitors to provide further detail.”

Although primarily a paid-for service, MouseTrace, which competes with the likes of ClickTale, offers a free trial that enables up to 50 visitor recordings across an unlimited number of pages on a single site. Alternatively, the tier up provides 100 recordings for $9.95, while 200 recordings and support for 5 sites costs $29.95, and so on.

The company is founded by Dan Field, also founder of ClearMyMail and MailSuite (see previous coverage).