Seiko Shows World's First Active Matrix E-Ink Watch

We first blogged about it back in April this year, and now it’s here: the world’s first world’s first watch with an active matrix e-ink system. Developed by Seiko, the “Active Matrix EPD” watch [PDF] crams a total of 72,000 pixels into a 2x3cm display.

Seiko says the high-resolution 300dpi display offers an extra-wide viewing angle so that wearers can read even small numbers from odd angles. The men-only watch shows four different tones for images (based on black and white).

The watch is radio-controlled and powered by a self-recharging solar battery (power consumption stands at just 1-2 micro amperes per second).

There will be three different models: stainless steel and stainless steel with gold-tone hard coating or black hard coating. Seiko plans to roll out the new watch in December without revealing pricing details (but it’s expected to cost $1,200 in Japan, at least).