The Next Nintendo Console Will "Leave You All With Your Mouth Open"

Nintendo apparently is working on something big. So big that that Metroid’s co-creator, Yoshio Sakamoto, recently stated that it’s going to surprise us all and, well, leave [us] all with our mouths open. Sounds great, but all I want is the Wii with proper graphics and better tracking. Oh wait, that’s the PS3 Move.

3DJuegos via Kotaku

“At Nintendo we always have the obligation to surprise users with a new game console. We have never done what others have. We prefer to create something new that catches attention, and I think this will continue this time as well. Surely the new Nintendo machine will leave you all with your mouth open.”

To their credit, he’s right. Nintendo does have a history of forging their own path in the gaming industry and rarely follows others’ trends. The 3DS is just the latest proof of that. Hopefully Nintendo’s next gaming console doesn’t skimp in the graphics department, though. Its Wii is looking a little sorry these days.