No, We're Not Serving Up Malware

While I would love to share with you guys the logic bomb I wrote in high school that moved my floppy drive read head into a corner of the drive that caused massive damage to the disk inside (it never worked) or the “virus” I wrote that randomly erased blocks of my hard drive when I ran it on my Packard Bell 386 back in the ’90s, rest assured that CrunchGear does not serve up malware. In fact, if you check out the diagnostics, Google notes that the site has served up exactly 0 pieces of malware since they’ve been crawling it and that there is really no reason to scare you poor, defenseless folks.

Incidentally, ask Scott about BLUEBOY.EXE, a “blue boxing” program that I apparently uploaded to a BBS in Columbus, Ohio that was really just a batch file that said “FORMAT C:.” I totally do not remember doing that, but clearly I was a jerk.