T-mobile G2 will rock an 800MHz Scorpion CPU, Froyo, Flash 10.1

T-mobile have now confirmed, via their Scoop page, that the upcoming T-mobile G2 will rock an 800MHz Scorpion processor (as part of the new MSM7x30 Snapdragon chipset), run the Android hotness that is Froyo (sans Sense, as previously thought), and will also be “ready” for flash 10.1.

Now, those in the audience with an insatiable appetite for teh megahurtzes will probably be disappointed to hear that the clock is a full 200MHz slower than the usual 1GHz Snapdragon that most all high-end phones are gifted with.

Well, don’t get too upset yet, as this is a newer CPU than the classic QSD8650 or QSD8250, so the clock speed isn’t a 1:1 comparison. I’d wait for some benchmarks to come out before you start yer bellyachin’.

Combine this info with the price leak yesterday, and the release date rumours last week, and we have a near-complete picture of the device. Not long now…

[via Android Central]