28nm Cortex A9 processors now possible thanks to Globalfoundries. Next stop: 20nm

All the engineers in the audience will be pleased to hear that Globalfoundries today announced that the very first 28nm ARM Cortex A9 dual-processor qualification vehicle has now been taped out.

Ah, yes. I know what they’re talking about. Don’t you?

Alright, I admit it! You got me! From the press release, it seems that this will help chip manufacturers get their next-gen teeny tiny processors (the ones that will power next year’s HBSF smartphones) to market faster. And that’s good for us consumers.

In a different press release, Globalfoundries also announced that the next step will be 20nm processors, and that they should be pumpin’ those suckers out come 2013 (or the apocalypse, whatever happens first).

The key to all of this is that lower nm = better power efficiency and performance, which, in turn, equals more awesome in your phone. Yay for progress!

[thanks to Engadget for the image]