Apple TV, Not iTV, To Be Announced Today?

Chances are Apple is releasing an updated version of its Apple TV product today, but it might not use the heavily rumored iTV name. Instead, the new product might keep the original name of Apple TV.  At least that Australian Macworld is saying, which makes us wonder where the iTV name came from.

Perhaps iTV was simple an internal codename for the product, likely referring to the updating iOS operating system its said to run. After all, saying “iTV” around the office is a lot easier than “the new Apple TV, you know, the one with iOS.” Or perhaps some random fanboy made it up along the way and it stuck. You may recall the iTV was originally the name of the product back in 2007, but perhaps the ITV of British broadcasting fame had something to do with the name change back then. The station did recently state that they “vigorously defend” its IP, but that’s never stopped Apple before.

No matter, we only have  a few hours before the Stevenote starts, so place your bets: Apple TV or iTV?