WiseStamp Signs Your Emails With Tweets, Stumbles And Plans

People are always trying to spruce up their email signatures with funny witticisms, famous quotes, and professional information. WiseStamp is trying to innovate on the traditional email signature by allowing you to customize your message with recent Tweets, links to your social network profiles and more.

WiseStamp, which was incubated within Dogpatch Labs, is launching its platform to the public today. Essentially, WiseStamp’s Email Apps allow users to add dynamic content to each outgoing email – for example, adding the latest selling eBay item, recent blog post, the latest tweet or a cause to promote. The recipients will able to interact with the Email App directly from the email (e.g. retweet or follow in case of the Twitter App or buy the product in case of the eBay App).

To add a WiseStamp app to your email, you simply download a browser add-on (WiseStamp works on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). Via the add-on you can choose to include your your latest Tweets, links to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, RSS feeds, your latest eBay account listings, Plancast plans and StumbleUpon links. The add-on will integrate your signature preferences into Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL email accounts and will automatically add your signature to emails sent through these services. You can even designate customized signatures for personal and business emails.

And the nifty service is gaining traction quickly amongst users. In one week, WiseStamp saw 1 million installs. Of course, you can add a very basic signature via most email services, but WiseStamp definitely adds pizazz to any e-signature.