Audio-Technica Releasing Sub-$100 Noise Canceling Headphones

Good news for the budget minded out there; Audio-Technica is releasing two new headphone models, both with active noise canceling and both for under $100. Both models come with a detachable cord that allows you to turn them into wireless headphones, and the audio will work even if the battery runs down on the noise cancellation feature.

First up, the ATH-ANC27. These are your standard on ear style, and provide 85% noise reduction. The ANC25’s run off of AAA batteries, and will work up to 40 hours on one set. The ATH-ANC27 will MSRP for $99.95.

The ATH-ANC27 model blocks out 80% of background noise, feature the same detachable cord, and also run on AAA batteries. The ANC25 model is the more portable version, and comes with a travel pouch as well as folding up to fit inside said pouch. Again, typical battery life will run about 40 hours, and MSRP will run around $79.99.