Can The Government Track You Via GPS Without Your Knowledge Or Permission?

The government is coming after you! Run for the hills! Oh, wait, the government owns the hills! Shrill, yes, but there’s a point. A recent article in Time magazine paints a fairly scary picture of the potential for the government to use GPS (originally a military creation, remember) to track your every move. Will this happen? Eh, pretty hard to see that happening — but it could happen. Maybe.

What’s going on is that a recent court decision, in California, “recently decided the government can monitor you in this way virtually anytime it wants—with no need for a search warrant.”

Apparently the “reasonable expectation of privacy” doesn’t apply to your driveway anymore (when it always had in the past), so the G Men could, if they wanted, plant a GPS tracking device on your car, and watch as you drive to and fro’. “Looks like Smith is visiting Taco Bell again, let’s grab him.”

Does anyone honestly expect that to happen? I respect the surrounding discussion, but I cannot believe that the generally incompetent government is going to go around and bug regular people’s cars.

There’s 300 million Americans, and you’re the one that’s on their radar.

I just find it a little bit far fetched, I guess.

But hey, nothing wrong with a good ol’ fashioned debate on your rights and privacy in general.