Simperium Launches A Simple Data Syncing Platform

With more and more consumers using desktop, laptop and mobile devices in their everyday lives, there’s a pressing need for syncing data across applications and devices. Y Combinator-backed Simperium is launching its platform for app-level syncing in the cloud.

The best use case of Simperium’s platform is in its recently launched note taking application Simplenote. Via web, iPhone and iPad apps, Simplenote allows you to take and save notes. It’s sort of like a light weight version of Evernote. The applications will synchronize with your mobile device, your computer, and in a browser. Syncing takes place automatically within the applications.

You can access multiple backups and versions of your notes by moving a version slider to go back in time. And you can apply tags to your notes so you can browse them as folders, or add comments to lists.

Simplenote, which was launched in June, already has 135,000 users, and is currently adding 10,000 users per day. And 400 developers have built third party apps on top of the application, including desktop, Android and Blackberry applications.

Of course the backend of Simplenote is powered by data syncing platform Simperium. Simperium, which is hosted on Google App Engine, promises scalability. For example, Simperium allowed Simplenote to scale from 1 to 140K users within a few months. Eventually, the platform will be extended to other products besides Simplenote, such as list-focused syncing app. And the Simperium’s founders want open up the platform’s API in the future.

Simplenote is free for now but the startup plans to monetize via a freemium model and through ads.