Best Buy Planning Tablet Computing Blitz For Christmas

Remember when netbooks where the next big thing? Best Buy was definitely pushing them, I remember last holiday season you couldn’t walk into your local store without being assailed by cheap, low powered computers. Well get ready, Best Buy has decided that tablet computing will be the next big thing.

In a recent interview in Forbes, Best Buy said that they will be focusing on tablets, much like they have on e-readers and netbook computers. Given the large number of tablets delayed after the release of the iPad, it would be safe to anticipate a large number of tablets coming to retail at the beginning of 2011 as well. At bare minimum we should expect to see offerings from Samsung, Acer, and RIM before the end of the year.

Best Buy was rather vague about exactly what brands, and how many they would be carrying, but since they currently only offer one option it’s safe to say that it will be a significant increase. Best Buy plans to offer multiple models and software choices, including Android, Chrome, Windows 7, and even WebOS. There’s even word of a Best Buy Rocketfish branded tablet.

[via Gizmodo]