Texts From Last Night Founder Raises Funding For Stealth Startup BNTER

If you haven’t checked out Texts From Last Night, you probably should. The hilarious site, which can provide hours of pure entertainment, allows users to submit the wittiest texts they may have received or sent between their friend (which are kept anonymous except for the area code). One of the site’s founders, Lauren Leto, has just raised funding from an all-star group of angel investors for her stealth startup, Bnter (pronounced ‘Banter’). Investors include Founder Collective (Chris Dixon), SV Angel (David Lee), High Line Venture Partners (Shana Fisher).

Details are sparse but Leto tells us that she is taking the way people interact on TFLN and implementing this knowledge in Bnter. The site, which Leto co-founded with Patrick Moberg, will center around how people communicate, will include user profiles, and social components. Leto says the startup will launch sometime next month.

While there’s still much more to be revealed about Bnter, Leto has a track record of being able to take a simple idea to a viral level. TFLN, which never raised money, has spawned merchandise, a book deal and even a tv show.

We’ll be sure to let you know when Bnter launches.