South Korea Goes Crazy Over The iPhone 4

We can’t say we are surprised: it seems that the South Koreans can’t wait to lay their hands on the iPhone 4. The sole iPhone provider in that country, Korea Telecom (KT), says that its official website got jammed today as “tens of thousands of people” tried pre-ordering the phone in a matter of hours.

In the end, KT claims it received a total of 110,000 pre-orders in nine hours. By way of comparison: When the 3GS came out in Korea, the company reportedly registered just between 60,000 and 65,000 pre-orders in the first week (the 3G was never released in that country). The new model will launch next month (but for some weird reason, it’s still unknown on which day).

KT went on selling a total 850,000 3GS so far, a more than respectable number in a country whose 48 million people aren’t only cell phone crazy (47 million mobile phones in use) but who are also spoiled by a large number of super-advanced phones constantly being churned out by local makers.

Via Yahoo News