R2-D2 cheats on the Droid, shows up as an official iPhone case

Oh R2-D2, you little harlot. Just when we were thinking that the R2-D2 edition Droid 2 was the most clever pairing in the history of everything, you go and make it a liiiittle less special. iPhone-toting Star Wars geeks, rejoice: you, too, can theme your handset like the galaxy’s bravest toaster.

Alas, Apple seems to have strayed away from their themed partnerships since the days of (RED)/U2 iPods, so this thing is a case rather than a special handset, making it not quite as slick. It’s also seemingly only for the iPhone 3G/3GS — so if you’ve got an iPhone 4, you’re out of luck. Got a 3GS and a desire to throw some more money in George Lucas’ general direction? Here’s the product page.

[Via Giz]