MyVoucherCodes plans to go hyper-local with iPhone app

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MyVoucherCodes, the UK’s leading discount voucher code site, is preparing to go hyper-local. The idea isn’t a new one: let users find the best local deals using their iPhone via GPS.

In fact, Vouchercloud from Invitation Digital, which we profiled in February, is another such offering. There’s also competition from the host of deal-a-day Groupon clones, of which MyVoucherCodes founder Mark Pearson has one of his own – and Groupon itself, of course.

But that hasn’t put off MyVoucherCodes, which in its current form claims to have saved consumers £52m in 2009 alone, driving £480m worth of sales to its thousands of business partners. With its soon-to-launch MyVoucherCodes Local, the pitch is that smaller local businesses, with the discoverability offered by the pending iPhone app, can compete more effectively with the bigger players, thus helping to “prevent the gap from widening between local businesses and larger chains.” Well, that’s the aim.

Pearson chimes in: “Everything points to the fact that High Street sales are slowing down, and I firmly believe that this could be prevented if these businesses took advantage of tried and tested methods online companies have used to advance their market positions.”

And on that note, MyVoucherCodes Local is offering free signup for the first 5,000 offline businesses in the UK who pre-register for the service.

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  • Iqbal Gandham

    If every company, or the biggies start to offer vouchers will the playing field not level out again.

    We will no longer buy retail, we will always look for a x% off. Today its a gimmick, we search for that restaurant like Pizza Express to see if we can get a deal, soon we will only goto restaurants which offer deals, which means they will all ‘need’ to. Once this happens the playing field is level again….how does this affect the business model of voucher companies. Today they are lead generation, tomorrow if its common place will we need them ?

    Iqbal Gandham

  • Peter

    It might level the playing field, but it won’t erradicate the need. Once everyone is offering discounts it would be a brave establishment who decideds that they are the only ones not to.
    They might lose out big time, when the people who continue to offer discounts pick up their customers.On the internet side all those un-reciprocated links (gold dust) disappear and their internet pages rank down.

  • Angry Merchant

    I wonder if they will offer fake vouchers like they fake the the amount of sales on Groupola.

  • Shakir Razak


    Morrisons and Asda did this. The market had so saturated and level itself with everyone was offering cards they went to differentiation by not wasting money on cards, but straight-up retail prices being lower.

    Kind regards,

    Shakir Razak

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  • Coupon Codes

    They may be did the fake vouchers as they did fake the the amount of sales on Groupola.

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