Twitter Jumps On User Stories Bandwagon; Debuts 'Tales'

Facebook recently launched a marketing campaign around their 500 million users milestone, called Facebook Stories, which is a collection of tales from members that used the social network to find love, happiness and more. Google followed suit, launching Google Stories, which is essentially the same thing, except the search giant collects stories from users sharing tales about how Google effected their lives. Today, Twitter is launching a similar marketing campaign, called Twitter Tales, that showcases ways in which users interact with the microblogging platform.

Twitter Tales range from and Indian member who uses Twitter as a form of self therapy to the Caltrain account, that notifies users of delays around the commuter train service. Tales will be posted as, and you can email Twitter to submit your own Tale to be featured on the site.

Last year, Twitter launched a business destination which includes case studies of organizations and companies that have used Twitter as a social media and marketing tool. Tales seems to take a for consumer focus

Considering that we now have Facebook, Google and now Twitter spreading stories as a marketing tool, I’m sure we can expect other tech giants to start encouraging consumers to share their own “tales” of use. Who’s up next? Zynga? Foursquare?