SafetyWeb's Free Online Tracking Helps Police Find Missing Kids

Child safety monitoring service SafetyWeb is releasing a free version of its online tracking tool today, specifically for law enforcement agencies.

The SWOT tool allows police to secure the social networking accounts of a missing child and access recent status updates. Basically it tracks recent activity across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and any other social networking services a missing child might use to rely information on their whereabouts. The platform also provides instant alerts of its video, social network and photo site tracking.

SWOT got a standing ovation when demoed by SafetyWeb founders (and parents) Geoffry Arone and Michael Clark at the Crimes Against Children Conference last week, which SafetyWeb co-sponsored with Google and Facebook.

This realtime monitoring of  a child’s accounts could be crucial in gathering data leading to a child’s safe return; With over 2000 children going missing daily, free technology that can scour for online traces of missing children is a boon to beleaguered law enforcement officials, as well as frantic parents.

SafetyWeb has recently acquired Odojo as well as announced a $8 million funding round from Battery Ventures and First Round Capital. It shares the child safety and online tracking space with SocialShield and Kidsafe.