R2-D2 Edition Droid 2 coming on September 30th

The poster says it all: if you’re waiting to nab a Droid 2 until it’s themed like everyone’s favorite intergalactic sidekick, you’ll have to sit it out for about a month and a half. Our buddies over at Android Central just got this snapshot from the floor of the Star Wars Celebration convention in Orlando, and it puts it in no uncertain terms: this thing is coming on September 30th.

Alas, the one detail not mentioned: price. Special Edition handsets tend to cost a bit more (hey, they are special, after all), so it presumably won’t go for the same $199 (on a 2-year contract) price.

(On a side note: is anyone else sort of disappointed by the design? Though blue, white, and boxy, it doesn’t really look very R2-ish.)