Bag Week Review Blitz Wednesday Update

It’s only Wednesday morning and we’ve already blown through seven computer bags in our Back to School Bag Week Review Blitz. Stay tuned, we have a bunch more on deck from Incase, The North Face, Timbuk2, Crumpler, Booq, and even a gaming backpack from Astro. In case you missed a couple the first time around, there’s a quick round-down of the first seven after the jump.

Ogio Street City Corp

• Messenger bag
• Great, all-around bag
• $89 MSRP
• From the review: “This could possible be the best multipurpose messenger bag ever made — even with the ridiculous geometric pattern.”

Cocoon Soho 17

• Messenger bag
• Questionable quality
• $99 MSRP
• From the review: “A modest-priced messenger bag with average material quality and storage options. The bag itself is “okay” at best. The included Grid-It organizer, however, is sweet.”

Timbuk2 Extra Credit Messenger

• Messenger bag
• Just a big pocket perfect for Ramen noodles or books
• $65 MSRP
• From the review: “The Timbuk2 Extra Credit Messenger is a simple bag — simply awesome, that is!”

Saddleback Leather Briefcase

• Briefcase
• Heirloom quality
• $519 MSRP
• From the review: “It’s a full quarter-inch thick, carefully cut and stitched, and is heavy as the dickens. However, I’m pleased to report that this is one of the nicest laptop bags I’ve used.”

Cocoon Central Park Profession

• Messenger bag
• Looks great, fits funny
• $99 MSRP
• From the review: “Just a simple backpack with clever styling and average material quality. I’d like the bag if it fit right.”

Ogio Epic Backpack

• Backpack
• Pockets for everything
• $109 MSRP
• From the review: “Seriously, if you travel with the insane amount of gadgets I do, buy this backpack. It’s clearly designed to fit within that lifestyle.”

Skooba Checkthrough Backpack

• Messenger bag
• TSA-friendly
• $129 MSRP
From the review: “It’s a backpack with a window in it so the TSA people won’t hassle you at the security checkpoint.”