Bag Week Reviews: Ogio Street City Corp

Short version: This could possible be the best multipurpose messenger bag ever made — even with the ridiculous geometric pattern.


  • Holds up to a 17-inch notebook
  • Four pocket document holder
  • Airline ticket pocket
  • Water resistant
  • $89
  • Product page


  • An amazing amount of storage in a small package
  • Superb build and material quality
  • Comfy over-the-shoulder strap
  • Airline ticket pocket is awesomely useful
  • Great price


  • None I can see


Ogio makes great bags. I’ve always been a fan and this bag maintains my personal image of the brand. It’s a solid, all-around performer with a great design inside and out. The only thing I don’t like about it is the stupid pattern, but honestly, I think it’s because I’m not hip enough for the bag. I’d be more happy with a plain black or tan bag. I’m boring.

I’m happy to report then that this bag is available in a multitude of colors with various different designs, too. That’s good, because I highly recommend this bag and wouldn’t want you to be turned off because of teal and yellow lines. Seriously, buy this bag.

Let’s start with the front flap. It’s sturdy and seems to be made out of a couple layers of tough nylon. There’s only a single outside pocket, but seems big enough to hold most anything needed for quick access.

Moving inside the front flap is the standard assortment of gadget pockets and pen holders with a couple zippered pockets. The only thing missing here is Ogio’s trademark pocket logos that show the pocket’s intended use. I’ve like these little logos as it’s almost like the engineer is directly telling me how he intended me to use the specific pocket. The only ones on this bag is on the large pocket obviously for notebooks, the airline ticket holder located on the back, and then one each on ether side pocket showing they are for cell phones and water bottles.

Behind the front-mounted pockets, though, is a clever four section expandable document holder. A half-inch binder is about their limit, but that’s just about right for most people anyway. It’s probably best to look elsewhere if you need more document or binder storage anyway. But simply having the option to quickly organize a few documents or folders is a valuable asset that’s generally not found on hip messenger bags.

The notebook compartment is about what you’d expect with a divider separating your computer from whatever else is thrown in there like chargers and whatnot. Nothing that special.

In fact, that kind of describes each part of this bag: nothing too special. But when you combine each section together, with the awesome material and build quality, you get a great bag. I can vouch for the shoulder strap, too. It’s the same one used on my well-used Ogio bag, the Hip-Hop, that’s survived more tradeshow hell weeks than you can imagine.

The Street City Corp is a great bag. I can’t say anything bad about it and at only $89, it’s quiet a good deal. Highly-recommended.