Aupeo to 'Stream' to Acer's flagship Android phone, start of partnership

Aupeo, the music streaming service, has partnered with Acer so that its application will come pre-installed on the latter company’s future line of Android phones. The first of which is Acer’s recently launch flagship, appropriately named ‘Stream,’ a device that features an AMOLED 3.7 inch screen, HDMI port, 1GHz processor, and Dolby Digital sound, amongst its impressive specs.

Aupeo integration goes a bit deeper than simply having the app ‘on-deck’ as it were, with it becoming part of the phone’s media player, enabling users to pick from the service’s 100 editorially-maintained channels offering “music for every taste and mood”. That’s the free version but there’s also a premium component too.

For those who have an Aupeo subscription three more stations are accessible: The Artist and Mood Stations as well as the Personal Radio, which offers tracks that are based on the user’s personal taste via previous use of the “love” and “ban” buttons, not dissimilar to Pandora or

Aupeo prides itself in its integration with hardware and devices other than the PC, already coming pre-installed on netbooks, connected TVs, Internet Radio devices and many smartphones. And just last week the Berlin-based company announced integration with Mini (that’s the car), although it still requires an iPhone, with music controls showing up on the dashboard.