AT&T U-verse Mobile Coming To Windows Phone 7

Like this, except, well, not an iPhone app

When our PR contact at AT&T was filling us in on the details of U-verse Mobile’s new downloadable content functionality, they also casually mentioned that the whole she-bang would be available “soon on BlackBerry Torch ([and] other devices in the future, of course)”.

“Other devices”, you say? You can’t really leave us hanging like that without expecting us to dig, you know?

We didn’t have to dig too far. The first source we hit up was willing to say that they’d heard rumblings of U-verse Mobile for Windows Phone 7 being an active project, and the second completely confirmed it.

The project is apparently still “pretty early on”, but we’re told AT&T has their sights set on getting this thing done as soon as possible. It makes a good amount of sense that AT&T is embracing software development on the new platform in its early days — they did purportedly promise to sling as many as 8 million of these things, after all.