3rd-Gen iPod touch With Camera Selling On Ebay

While the whole world waits for the official iPod touch camera edition, one random dude is selling a camera-equipped 3rd generation model right now on ebay. It’s not going to be cheap (current bid is over $120 as of writing) but the winner will have a bonafide piece of Apple history.

The model in question is likely from a limited run Apple made while prepping for last year’s launch. As we all know, however, the product never launched with a short supply of camera parts taking the blame. The seller posted numerous pics including some showing the software but there isn’t one demoing the camera. So while the iPod might come with the proper hardware, the software could be missing. No worries. It’s probably one of the most rare iPods ever made and deserves to be treated like a collectible instead of living out its days in the backpack of some NYU punk. [ebay via 9to5mac]