iNow might be the productivity app the iPad has been waiting for

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Productivity apps are two-a-penny, but productivity is one of the major boons of the iPad’s large touchscreen interface. Tapping and moving things around is a very natural human way to approach things. And yet productivity apps often remain stuck in the click and point world of the mouse, and refuse to make the best of a visual and spacial approach.

Indeed, on a laptop I often find myself resorting to a fast, simple text-based To-Do list just because I can cut and paste items on the list up or down depending on priority.

But I’ve recently tried out a productivity app on the iPad which might actually convert me over.

iNow [iTunes link] is an iPad app which does one simple thing. It lets you create a To Do list you can move around and re-order very, very simply and easily. And the developers, Stone Soup Software, have taken a clever approach, that of air traffic controllers. Say what?

It’s smart if you think about it. Even today many air traffic controllers use wooden blocks to order the lists of aircraft they are controlling on their radar screens. It’s a human-friendly interface that has often withstood computerisation.

That’s exactly the same interface at iNow, which allows you to order your to-do list and physically dump it in the trash when the task is complete.

You can trash thinks, email things you need to delegate, move blocks up and down, and change the size of blocks to give you a visual priority.

The app is designed to be fast and tactile, so ordering priorities can be done with a flick of the finger.

Right now the app could use one or two more features like more email integration to email tasks, but the basic principles are there.

The app costs $2.99 but we have 20 freebies for random commenters on this post.

  • KNe

    Sounds good, sign me up!

    • Tim Wong

      This app looks great. So far, I have been using the “Things” app for iPad for work-related tasks, and using the “Todo” app for iPad for personal-related tasks.

      • Dave

        my personal favourite is Taska for Ipad, very clean interface and good for managing mulitple lists, projects, tasks etc.

      • meekashe

        Well, this one could be done simpler using Android’s app inventor.

      • Pete Austin

        I think you’re wrong, because people would not risk buying a program written using the App Inventor programming platform. E.g.
        “Unless Google has given you specific written permission to do so (e.g., through an open source software license), you may not assign (or grant a sub-license of) your rights to use the App Inventor for Android Programming Platform”

        If anyone replies saying that licensing is not a problem, please link to a clear statement from Google about how to license App Inventor programs, because I can’t find one.

    • dikko

      It sounds good to me too.

  • Chris Pearson

    At last, what seems like a smart and logical way to handle my ‘To do’s’

  • mark

    Sure i would like to try it

  • Steve Weston

    Liking the sound of that.

  • Chris Lake

    Is that Comic Sans? Neat idea though I think it could benefit from a choice of themes.

  • Anthony Hsiao

    Mike, I think the point about ToDo list apps is quite valid. I think we need the kind of responsiveness of Pivotal Tracker with the UI appropriate for the iPad. I’d love to try out this wooden block thing on the iPad – but at the end of the day, am yet to see a ToDo list app that does it for me.

  • Frank

    Will give it a try. Maybe a good competitor to the too expensive “Things”.

  • Chris Lake

    PS – I asked our CTO for a recommendation of the best to-do list app, as I’ve found nothing that has been sufficiently habit-forming. He held up a pen and a notepad…

  • icjward

    I’ve run businesses and now engage millions for Comic Relief & other causes out of coffee shops and still looking for an ideal productivity app that beats my pen and pad – happy to give this a try..

    COFFICE / book draft

  • Nik

    I think I’d need a larger screen on my iPad for all my todos!

  • Ruslan Fazlyev

    I’d happily get one – especially if it has support for both next actions and projects, GTD style

  • Florian

    Excellent! ;-)

  • Justin

    Random Comment ;-)

  • Kfir Pravda

    cool! I use things all over my iDevices, wonder if this baby has import capabilities

  • Ben Toscano

    (Love the idea of the app though.)

  • Joe Lind

    Would love a freebie! Sounds awesome.

  • Ian Smith

    It’s very hard to get this right. “Things” regularly features very favourably in reviews but (for iPad pricing) is expensive for what it is and feels like too much effort for too little reward. Tempted to try this one to see if the visual flair improves on that experience.

  • Paul Ferrill

    I’ve been testing several apps for this job. Love to give it a spin.

  • Justin

    i’m all for ‘old school’ meets ‘new school’, looks like this is completely straightforward without being overly complex which i really struggle with when it takes longer to do my ‘to do’ list than complete the tasks on it!!

  • Chris

    Love the look of this application. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best and this looks like one of those “Does what it says on the tin” applications.

    It’s a shame the iPad didn’t come with something like this as standard!

  • Lauren

    Cool stuff.

  • eikonklast

    Been looking for a todo list manager. Not sure about the UI for this one though.

  • Stuart gillespie

    Looks like a simple design compared to others I have used.

    Hope to give it a try.

    Posted from my ipad

  • Mafti

    Awesome stuff

  • Jim Jensen

    Pretty slick!

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