Here's What Everybody Made From The Slide Sale

Further to our post yesterday on the sale of Slide to Google, we’ve spoken to a source with knowledge of the terms to understand what everybody made from the deal.

As we speculated yesterday, founder Max Levchin did the best out of the sale, making a comparable sum to the one he made from PayPal – proving once again the value of investing in your own idea.  Also, while the sale price represented a big come-down in valuation, it’s important to note that no one lost money on the deal.

Here’s how it breaks down…

Levchin, who invested $7m of his own money in the series A round, made $25m from his preferred shares in Slide plus $14m from common stock for a total of $39m. Scott Banister who also took part in the series A made $5m from the sale.

BlueRun Ventures, who invested $8m in the series B round made $28m.

The Founders Fund and Mayfield Fund, both investors in the series C, each made their money back.

Fidelity Investments, part of the series D: also made their money back.

In addition, Keith Rabois, Slide’s VP of Strategy & Business Development made $1.5m from the deal. Our sources also tell us that, along with the $182m purchase price, Google has agreed to pay an additional $46m in employee retention bonuses, making the total deal size $228m.