Geek Squad Will Have You Shell Out $29 To "Setup" Your Ereader

Oh, Best Buy. When will you stop pimping your Geek Squad brand? It was once a beloved tech service, but then you bought it and started looking for the most ridiculous tasks to make a quick buck — like setting up an ebook reader or creating an OS X user account.

Don’t you think that if a customer is comfortable enough to buy such a gadget, that they would also know how to follow the on-screen instructions and update the damn thing? Calm down, I’m not discouraging Best Buy from making money, but rather upset that customer service now comes at a price. Remember back when you bought something at a store and had a quick question about the object’s operation, an associate would take 5 minutes of his day and show you the basic functions? Yeah, that now costs $29.99 at Best Buy. Wonderful.