Photographic Evidence Of Stealth Startup Tello Raising $100k

Let’s call this a single source rumor. But the source is Paul Carr’s camera, so we feel pretty good about it. The picture was taken last night at the TechCrunch summer party at August Capital.

Tello, says our source (the camera), has raised $100,000 from angel investor Dave McClure, whose checks appear to have an imprint of the Twitter fail whale in the background. This is one of his first investments from his shiny new 500 Startups fund.

What’s Tello? We don’t actually know. Founder and CEO Joe Beninato was previously the CEO of Presto. We had a lot of fun with that one. Cofounder and CTO John Cwikla has experience at GameLayers, Doostang, Xoom and other startups.

The total size of this round is around $1 million, we hear.

Does a picture say a thousand words? I dunno. Someone please count them. More details as they come in.