Dell Aero coming August 9th for $99.99, Dell Streak pre-orders begin today

Its been over three months since we first heard AT&T and Dell piping up about their Android phone, the Aero — and, unfortunately, three months in the mobile world is a really, really long time. 90 days later, this once nearly-top-shelf handset has devolved into something a little more mediocre in comparison to the freakishly powerful monster-phones that lead the way today.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of room on the mid-range shelves. Today, Dell has finally revealed the Aero’s long-awaited availability details, along with all of the important info about their Android-powered tablet, the Streak.

If you’re willing to sign a 2-year contract with AT&T, you’ll be able to bag the Aero for $99 bucks. If the contract is a no-go for you, it’ll set you back $299 instead.

As for the Streak: if you want to pre-order it in the first round, you’ll have to pre-register here by the end of today. The Streak will set you back three hundred smackers with a 2-year AT&T soul-sign, or $549.99 without. That’s $100 bucks more than the AT&T Captivate, with the primary differences being that the Streak has 1″ more of screen space and is that much harder to fit in your pocket. Think its worth it?