Fotolia's Flixtime goes pro with hot new features

Fotolia‘s Animoto-like slideshow generation platform, Flixtime, has just announced the launch of its pro version with some spicy new features, including the voiceover capabilities that everybody has been waiting for and image transition editing for full creative control. With a $149 annual pro subscription, users can generate unlimited, full-length HD slideshows for commercial use that are free of any Flixtime branding. Hot.

It’ll be interesting to see what users think of Flixtime in comparison to Animoto’s pro version, which currently goes for $39 per month or $249 per year. Obviously, as we mentioned in May when Flixtime released a new version of the plateform that Fotolia just launched in February, voiceover was definitely a feature that some Animoto users seemed to be on the prowl for. Will speed control and the Animoto “call to action” marketing button be a match for Flixtime’s image transition editing, allowing users to esentially edit whatever bits of the video they want? Truth be told, Flixtime’s free version already offers speed control (part of the Animoto paid package) along with text integration onto photo stills, image highlighting and a number of other cool tidbits.

Flixtime may still have a ways to go before it breaks even with Animoto’s more than 1.4 million users. That being said, the number of videos created on Flixtime’s platform have quadrupled since the end of May, totaling to something around 200,000.

One last thing to know about Flixtime:  for a little bit more (ok, some $241 more per year, actually), users have access to the  reseller option, enabling them to resell their video creations via the platform at a self-selected price.

FYI, unlimited pro subsciptions are also available on a weekly basis, starting at $10. Montly and semi-annual subscriptions are available as well. Interested? It get’s even better: Flixtime is putting some 200 free trials of pro-accounts up for grabs for TechCrunch readers. Just use the code “techcrunch” (all lowercase) when you sign-up here.