This Week's Groupon Clone Action

A week rarely goes by that we don’t see someone clone all or part of hot group buying site Groupon. See, for example, Copy/Paste Innovation: Groupon Gets Cloned In Russia And China and this post discussing the hundred or so Groupon clones in China alone.

ScoutMob isn’t one of the guys copying the Groupon website wholesale. But our guess is they certainly took a look at the video Groupon plays when a user unsubscribes from the daily email. ScoutLabs does their own video whenever someone subscribes.

If something works, other people will grab it and evolve it. And that seems to be ok with Groupon CEO Andrew Mason. In a video interview earlier this year, he said he’s more focused on growing his company than tracking down people who copy part or all of the service.

So the good news is this – if you like what you see in the video above, feel free to copy it. Groupon certainly won’t be coming after you.